Oh my Goodness!

Yum Yum Bros Food Company have been working on brand new range of products under the name of ‘Oh My Goodness’ and oh my goodness, these bars are good.

After seeing various people on the ‘Coeliacs in the UK’ getting in touch with Yum Yum Bros to trial their new product range I emailed them and shortly got a response asking me for my address. A few days later, look what arrived!


I was sent the Buttery Oat Bar, the Chocolate Brownie and the Appletastic Bar.

The Buttery Oat Bar is exactly what it says on the tin, just like a regular flapjack I found this bar was a perfect on-the-go snack or breakfast. The Chocolate Brownie was rich, fudgy and crunchy round the edges. Even though I didn’t expect to be crazy about this bar as there are lots of gluten-free brownies on the market, this was absolutely delicious. Lastly, The Appletastic Bar is also flapjack based but has added apple, cinnamon and raisins that make the bar taste amazing. It was by far my favourite out of the three and it was like eating apple crumble on the move!


The ‘Oh My Goodness’ range consists of a gluten, dairy and wheat free range alongside a nut and dairy free range. A box of 12 bars costs £9.48 which prices them at 79p each and although I feel this is quite pricey, the 25% discount voucher sent with my trial bars makes it more tempting to order a few boxes! If you want to order a sample or order a box visit http://www.ohmygoodnessfood.com.

I’m really hoping these bars will hit the supermarkets shortly as I am not too keen on the Nakd bars and I would love to enjoy an Appletastic Bar for breakfast once in a while!

Thank you Oh My Goodness!


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